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75 new buses are coming to Glasgow

We are launching 75 brand new buses across Glasgow to deliver you a better travel experience, giving you more ease, more security, more comfort, more clean air.

More for you…

  1. Ease

    Fitted with USB charging ports throughout to help your phone last the day.

    Don’t leave your cables at home because your new buses will come with USB charging ports fitted to every seat. Plugin, sit back, charge up!

    Paper-craft featuring a smart phone charging from one of the new buses
  2. Comfort

    Fitted with double padded, high back seats for added comfort.

    With extra seat padding and higher back support, these new seats will get you to your destination in pure comfort.

    Paper-craft featuring a sign that says “Extra Comfy Seats” pointing at the new buses

Many ways to pay

  • Contactless

    You don’t need cash to travel, just swipe your contactless card when you board the bus.

  • mTickets App

    Download for some of the best savings, and keep your ticket in one safe place.

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  • Apple & Google Pay

    Buy tickets securely with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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